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A Simple Guide to Premature Ejaculation

Ejaculation is the explosion of semen from a man’s body. It occurs when a man is sexually stimulated controlled by the central nervous system. When a man reaches a certain level of pleasure and excitement, signals from the brain are sent to your reproductive organs that cause semen to be ejected out through your penis.

Ejaculation is common to every man of all ages, but there are cases that a man is having trouble with ejaculation. About 1 in every 3  men between 18 and 59 in the U.S. are experiencing problems with their ejaculation, premature ejaculation, and this condition is called Premature ejaculation (PE).

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a type of sexual dysfunction when a man’s ejaculation happens sooner than his partner during sexual stimulation or sexual intercourse. It is also known as premature ejaculation, early ejaculation, and rapid ejaculation.

Both psychological and biological factors can be the reason behind premature ejaculation.  You to undergo an assessment to find out why you have PE. Many men are ashamed and embarrassed to talk about it and ask for treatment. PE is a treatable condition, after all.

PE is standard, but it can be frustrating if it affects and makes sex less entertaining, affecting relationships from enjoying sexual activities. As long as PE happens occasionally, it does not raise a concern, but if it occurs frequently and causes problems, medical treatment is needed.

Treating PE is not a problem nowadays; there are many treatments to get Companies like Hims, Promescent, and Roman also offer treatment for Premature Ejaculation. You can read about them here.


A man experiences PE due to different possible underlying causes, but the exact cause isn’t known. However, there are thoughts that serotonin may play a significant role in PE. Doctors find out the PE involves a complex interaction of psychological, biological, and other factors.

 Psychological factors that might have a contribute to PE:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Sexual abuse
  • Poor body image
  • Early sexual practices
  • Worrying about PE
  • Expectation about sexual performance
  • Guilty feeling that increases tendency to such sexual experiences and encounters

Biological factors that might have to contribute to PE:

  • Inherited traits
  • Abnormal hormone levels/ hormonal imbalances
  • Inflammation and infection of the urethra or prostate
  • Abnormal level of brain chemicals termed neurotransmitters

Other factors that might have a contribute to PE:

  • Anxiety

Many men with PE have problems with anxiety or suffering from anxiety. The pressure is caused either by the overall and result of sexual performance or any related issues.

  • Age

Aging is not the direct cause of PE, but it plays a role because age can cause changes in erection from its stiffness and duration. Therefore, the older you are, the fast you ejaculate.

  • Erectile dysfunction

Men who are anxious and scared of getting and maintaining an erection during sexual activities might have a pattern of rush ejaculation that is very difficult to change.

  • Relationship problems

Having a satisfying sexual relationship with your other partners, which PE rarely or never happens, may cause possible Interpersonal problems between you, and present your partner may contribute to PE.


There are several symptoms to check if you’re suffering from PE. Its earliest and prominent sign is the inability to delay ejaculation after penetration for more than one minute. PE might happen not only during sex but in all sexual situations, including masturbation.

PE can be classified as Primary or Lifelong and Secondary or Acquired PE. Many men experienced PE symptoms, but these symptoms don’t meet the conditions’ diagnostic criteria. These men might have encountered experiencing natural variable PE, including periods of rapid ejaculation and normal ejaculation.

Two main classifications of PE:

  • Lifelong (primary)

PE that occurs all or nearly of the time with a man’s first sexual encounters

  • Acquired (secondary)

PE that develops after a man’s previous sexual experiences without having ejaculation problems

There are ways to check and diagnose if you have PE problems, causes and find the right treatment you needed. Your doctor will ask about your health history and might perform a physical examination. If your doctor found that you’re having a problem with ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, the doctor may request and run different types of further investigation.

In some cases, your doctor might suggest you see and go to a mental health professional or urologist specializing in treating different types of sexual dysfunction.

Here are some of the questions your doctor might ask you during the PE diagnosis:

  • How often does PE occur?
  • How long have you experienced PE?
  • Does this happen before with just one partner?
  • Does this happen before on your previous partners?
  • How are your personal and sexual relationships?

Risk Factors

When frequent PE happens, it may cause various risk factors that increase serious health problems. If PE keeps on happening, you must not be afraid and ashamed to ask for a treatment because your health and wellness will be at stake. Getting treated is also a great help to avoid further complications.

Here is the list of various risk factors you might get if you don’t seek immediate assistance:

  • Stress

If your frequent PE is not treated immediately, it can lead to minor significant emotional and mental strain in the sexual part of your life. It hinders you from relaxing and enjoying sexual activities that could also lead to more relationship problems.

  • Erectile dysfunction

If your frequent PE is not treated immediately, it can give you the fear of losing your erection or keeping up an erection that might cause you to consciously or unconsciously hurry to ejaculate through sexual activities such as masturbation and sex.

  • Fertility Problems

If frequent PE is not treated immediately, it can create problems and difficulty getting your partner pregnant. It will be problematic if your ejaculation doesn’t happen intravaginally.

Top Brands that offer Premature Ejaculation treatment

What is the best hair PE treatment?

There is a various treatment that license physician recommends for treating PE. Only a licensed physician can answer what type of treatment you should take after a consultation which you should do to treat your condition immediately.

It is important to first identify the causes behind PE before your doctor creates an effective treatment plan. Most men experience PE but have a different underlying reason for it; therefore, treatments may also vary.

Few companies offer Premature Ejaculation treatment. Here are our top 3 brands that men used for PE:


Hims spray, premature ejaculation treatment

Hims goal is to support men with problems from hair loss to erectile dysfunction and PE as well. They offer the best option and products that they can deliver to your front door. You can rely on Hims services and products to schedule an online consultation with their medical experts. After your consultation, they will provide a treatment plan and development to treat your condition and concerns.

Hims offers Pej Spay that the company with Lidocaine formulates. The product’s effects adjust the sensitivity of your private part as your skin absorbs Lidocaine. His spray treatment generally delays ejaculation, and the product does not transfer to your partner.

Click here to read more about Him.  Hims Spray Treatment for Premature Ejaculation



Roman premature ejaculation threatment

Roman is a popular and well-known name in providing health services for men. The company focuses on the health problems such as sexual health, allergies, and hair loss. Roman provides a prescription treatment given by a medical practitioner after the consultation.

The company offers Benzocaine, a male genital desensitizer that can help you with PE problems. The product affects your private parts sensitivity and delays ejaculation. It works by rubbing the Roman Benzocaine on the tip of your remote part a few minutes before your desired activity.



Promescent pre mature ejaculation treatment

Promescent is a company that offers a wide variety of products for treating ED. The company’s goal is to help men with their sexual health. It has a prominent and popular effect which is Delay Spray for treating PE. Promescent also offers other products such as lubricants, supplements, and condoms that help with PE.

Hims offers Pej Spay that the company with Lidocaine formulates. The product’s effects adjust the sensitivity of your private part as your skin absorbs Lidocaine. His spray treatment generally delays ejaculation, and the product does not transfer to your partner.

Click here to read more about Promescent: How Promescent Delay Spray for PE Works.

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Hims Vs. Roman Vs. Promescent; Best Pe Treatment

Other Premature Ejaculation Treatment

In treating PE, your doctor may use one or a combination of treatments that includes medical therapy, psychological therapy, and behavioral therapy. The treatment that your doctor might use will depend on the underlying reasons behind your PE and choose the best choice of treatment for you.

Medical Therapy

Drugs are not approved in the U.S. to treat PE, but there are many drugs, creams, and spay that improved PE cases.

  • Drugs

Some doctors prescribe clomipramine, fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline, and tramadol to affect serotonin levels to treat PE. The type of drug and intake time may depend on what your doctor may give on your case.

  • Creams and Sprays

Your doctor may prescribe cream and sprays to treat your PE. There are numbers of numbing creams and sprays that you may put on the head of your penis 20 to 30 minutes before having sex. The products must be washed off your penis for about 5 to 10 minutes before sex.

Psychological Therapy

Your doctor may suggest you see a therapist work with your feelings and emotions that leads to problems of sexual relationships. This type of therapy goals to learn and find out what is the source of your questions. It helps both you and your partner grow closer and create a strong bond that enables you to be less nervous about your sexual activities and become confident about them.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy uses exercises to assist the building of tolerance in delaying ejaculation. Its goal is to train your body away from PE.

In this method, the goal is for you to know and become aware of the sensation of leading to climax or ejaculating. You or your partner stimulates your penis until you’re close to reaching ejaculation. When you’re close, you or your partner needs to firmly squeeze your penis until the feeling of ejaculation partly goes away. This method helps you to control and delay your climax better.

In this method, you or your partner will stimulate your penis until just before you ejaculate. When you’re about to reach climax, you or your partner need to stop and repeat it three times. You can only ejaculate or climax for the fourth time; you must do this method three times a week until you have finally gained confidence and more control.

It is a simple movement that you can do to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles where you need to stop peeing midway, and once you found the forces, you must do the Kegel maneuvers or pelvic floor. This exercise can be done in any position, such as by sitting, standing, and laying down. Your exercise position depends on what position you found comfortable the most.

Other treatment

There are also other treatments or remedies to prevent PE and delay ejaculation.

Condoms might help to decrease your penis sensitivity, which is good to delay ejaculation. There is the type of climax control condoms that is available over the counter. These types of condoms have numbing agents to delay ejaculation.


Premature ejaculation is a common and unpleasant condition that every man experiences. A state that no one is brave enough to discuss and a topic that most are avoiding talking about. And Only a few steps out to ask for help and treatment.

If your relationship is severely affected by your PE, you must not be afraid and ashamed to ask for help. Talking about the problem is your most crucial step of leaving behind the life of living in embarrassment and misery. Discuss your situation with the doctor and get treatment to avoid further complications and get peace of mind.

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