Best Invisible Aligners; Candid, SmileDirectClub, Smilelove or Byte

Candid vs. Smile Direct Club, vs. Smilelove, vs. Byte; which one offers better invisible aligners, which one is cheaper, or which one has the shortest treatment time. Read on and we will discuss all of them.

A lot of people are afraid of using online services for teeth alignment since they think the results will be lower quality when you compare it to visiting real dentists or orthodontists, which makes total sense. Teeth alignments cost thousands of dollars, and you want to make sure if you spend this much money, it is done right!

If companies like Candid, Smile Direct Club, Byte, or Smile love did not produce quality results, they would have been out of business by now.  Similarly, when Uber and Lyft were entering the taxi market, or Airbnb also enters the hotel market. There is always some noise, and then you realize that you can get the same quality of service at a lower price.

What Makes for a proper Invisible Aligner?

There are two types of aligners: the general purpose and custom ones. Its general purpose (one size fits all) is very inexpensive when you compare it to the costume. They are made to fit a general idea of straight teeth and beautiful smile, but they can be very uncomfortable to wear, and in some cases, can cut into wearer’s gum. Costume made aligners are especially for your teeth, and they create change through preplanned shifts that happen over a long period so you won’t feel any pain or pressure on your teeth during the treatment plan. They usually come in several aligners, and you need to change to a new aligner after several weeks till eventually, you get the smile you want.

How do you know if you are qualified for aligners?

With the companies we are going to discuss, you need to make sure you are qualified. Usually, there is a quick survey/questionnaire that you take, and it determines whether you can be eligible or not. three main reasons can disqualify you from getting aligners online
  1. If your teeth need significant alignments. Most retainers are designed for little to moderate alignments, but if your teeth are too misaligned, you may not be able to fix them with these aligners.
  2. For you to be able to use invisible aligners, you need an office visit and removal of your permanent ones, which cannot be done with these online companies.
  3. Above all, when you are planning to do some dental work during the time you want to align your teeth. Since the aligners are custom made, if you do dental work, it may change the shape and form of your teeth, and the aligners may not work as they supposed to.

What are the restrictions of the Invisible Aligner?

With aligners, you need to take them out every time you are planning to eat or drink (except for water) which can be a little uncomfortable but hey…if you are thinking of losing weight this might be helpful as you are not going to be able to eat as much as before. Also,  you need to carry a small dental kit (brush, toothpaste, and floss) with you, so if you are eating out, you can clean your teeth before putting the aligners back.

Candid Invisible Aligners

The Candid company was founded in 2017 and works in all 50 states. Their headquarters is in New York City. A mail-order invisible braces and offers alternatives to both invisible braces that require regular dentist visits and traditional metal braces. As a customer, you prepare a dental impression at home. They use this dental impression to make custom aligners for your teeth—all of it without having to visit an orthodontist. All their dental professionals are licensed orthodontist at the state you live so you will receive the best quality of care. We hear from a lot of people who go through the traditional route, that these visits are a complete waste of time as they don’t get anything done.  Consequently, after a few minutes of checking, the orthodontist lets you know that everything is going well and asks you to come back again next month. With traditional braces, you need constant doctor visits; Candid invisible braces are a great alternative to conventional braces, and they are more comfortable than metal braces that lots of people do not like. On top of that, prices are way better than the traditional metal or even invisible brace administered in person. The company also offers a free whitening kit and free retainer, which gives them some advantage compared to their competitors. If you are interested in aligning your teeth without spending too much time or money, then you should look into their offering. Candid impression kit

Candid Invisible Aligner Specifications

Their braces are made from Zendura plastic, and it is BPA free.  The whole treatment is done from the comfort of your home.  So, there is no doctor visit involves. After sending them the impression of your teeth, the company mails you a kit with everything you would need. After sending back your impression kit, a licensed orthodontist then reviews your model and photos and creates a personal treatment plan. You would need to follow the program exactly as they send it to you. With their invisible aligners, you need to wear them at least 22 hours per day. The typical treatment plan takes somewhere between 3 to 10 months. With your treatment plan, you will receive a whitening foam to whiten your teeth and clean the aligners. After your treatment is completed, you would also receive a retainer to preserve the adjustment.

Invisible Aligner Pricing

The Candid invisible braces cost $2400, which you can pay $99 per month for 24 months. This price also includes the $95 for the modeling kit to make the aligners. You must return your aligner kit within a week; otherwise, you will be charged $95. Once the orthodontist evaluates your kit, if you are not eligible to undergo the alignment, they will refund the cost of the kit. The treatment itself is not refundable, but if you receive an incorrect aligner, they will replace it for you. Make sure not to lose your tray; otherwise, it would cost you $49 to get a replacement.

How to Get Aligner from Candid

  1. Order your impression kit
  2. See how your straight teeth look like (approve the plan)
  3. Get your aligners in the mail and start wearing them

Pros and Cons of Candid Invisible Aligner

They uniquely work only with orthodontists-Orthodontist is a dentist who is specialized in straightening teeth- and most orthodontists in Candid network have more than 20 years of experience. Not to mention, it is cheaper than traditional treatment: Since you do not have office visit every month and everything is done from the comfort of your home, Candid is way less expensive compared to traditional treatments Free Retainers and whitening kit: The last thing you want is that your teeth get crooked again after your treatment is done. In other words, you need to wear retainers after the procedure is over. Some of their competitors charge $100 for entertainers at the end of the treatment. To emphasize, you can get that for free. Their aligners are very transparent: the main reason most people want to wear an invisible aligner is that they do not like the look of metal braces. Notably, the aligners are clear, and most people don’t even notice you are wearing them. More importantly, the company gives back: for every aligner kit that they sell, the company donates $25 to Smile train (a charity that provides cleft palate treatment for kids). The only annoying part is that you need to wear the invisible braces for at least 22 hours per day, and you have to remove them every time you want to eat (get ready to eat less often and faster 😊). Based on the online reviews, some of the people were not super happy with their customer service.

Smilelove Invisible Aligners

Another company offering invisible braces is Smilelove. For our Canadian readers, Smilelove is one of the few companies that offers its services in Canada besides the USA. Before you order a starter kit, Smilelove asks you to fill out the online assessment. They want to make sure you are qualified for their treatment. S Since several issues may prevent you from using Smilelove braces, they may require you to visit a dentist before you start the procedure. Some of the things that they are looking into include but not limited
  • Gum disease
  • Small teeth
  • Cavities
  • Extreme overbite
  • Missing dentition
  • Implants
After checking that you can be a candidate, then you need to make your impressions. It cost $79 for the kit, and if you order the treatment plan, the package becomes free; also, if you make the impression and do not want to move forward or do not like the original plan, then you can request a refund. They have an impressions guide that you can watch before trying to make your impressions by yourself. After you send back your impression kit, you will receive a treatment preview via email. An orthodontist prepares this preview and it will tell you how many aligners you are going to have and how long it would take for your treatment to be completed.

Smilelove Invisible Aligner Specifications

The Aligners are made of Essix plastic and are BPA-free. The aligners are designed with Clear comfort technology. As a matter of fact, when you purchase the bundle, you will also receive a carrying case, lip balm, tray spray, and whitening kit.

Smilelove Invisible Aligner Price

There are two main options you can choose from:
  • Upfront fast track kit (includes everything in one purchase)
    • $1895, impression kit, clear aligner, one set of retainers, and a whitening kit
  • Invisible Aligners
    • $1895, one set of retainers, and a whitening kit
    • Payment plans are also available (100% approval with 0% APR), with payment plant you would pay $79 per month for 24 months

How to Get Aligner from Smilelove

  1. Order impression kit
  2. Align (wear each aligner in your plan for two weeks)
  3. Shine (wear the free retainers as long as you need them)

Smilelove Invisible Aligner pros and cons

  • Their price is affordable
  • They are using Clearcomfort technology
  • Their customer service is 100% based in the USA
  • You will get your first set or the retainers for free
  • At the end of your treatment, you will receive a whitening kit with a three months supply and LED light.
  • You need to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day, which is a lot of hours.
  • While you are using aligners, you are not allowed to chew gums

SmileDirectClub Invisible Aligners

When it comes to SmileDirectClub, you have two options. Either you can order the impression kit and do everything remotely from the comfort of your home or go to physical smile direct locations (called Smile shop) and have a trained representative take the 3D scans of your teeth. No matter what option you chose, your impression will be reviewed with a dentist/orthodontist, and they will provide you with a treatment plan. After you accept the plan, you will receive your aligners, and your dentist/orthodontist will monitor your progress. Smile direct club whitening kit

SmileDirectClub Invisible Aligner Specifications

Depending on what kit you order, you can have different treatment times. Clear aligners average time is four months, and you need to wear them 22 hours per day. Nighttime clear aligners average treatment time is ten months, and you need to wear them 10 hours every night. In other words, you need strict discipline in following invisible aligner instructions. You will have your teeth aligned fast, as a result.

SmileDirectClub Invisible Aligner Price

You would pay $2290 for a set of aligners (whether you chose the shorter treatment plan or, the longer one). Smile Direct Club offers a monthly payment plan with $250 upfront and $89 per month without a credit check.  You can also pay with your HSA or FSA card. At the time of writing this post, they have a $29 impression kit with a free rebate. You also get a $100 credit towards your treatment. You will also receive a $100 credit if you invite a friend.

How to Get Aligner from SmileDirectClub

  1. Make your impression (either at home or their locations)
  2. The dental team will design your plan and create your aligner
  3. You show the world a new smile

SmileDirectClub Invisible Aligner Pros and Cons

Slightly less expensive than others The kit is organized and easy to understand No need for the office visit You need to take them out for eating and drinking (like others) Although, some people say sometimes their speech is not clear when they are wearing them

Byte Invisible Aligners

Basing on the impression kit you take at home; Byte orthodontists create a smile plan. You would receive a set of invisible aligners that create the perfect Smile for you over time. You need to wear each aligner for a week before moving to the next one. To finish the treatment as quickly as possible, you would need to use their proprietary technology (HyperByte) for 5 minutes every day and wear the aligners for at least 22 hours daily.

Byte Invisible Aligner Specifications

The Byte invisible aligners are made of BPA-free transparent, medical-grade polymer films. They claim that their aligners are 88% more stain-resistant than other aligners.

Byte Invisible Aligner Price

It has two options. The first one is called all-day treatment, in which you can make a single payment of $1895 or an installment of $83 per month for 29 months plus a $349 deposit. Therefore, with both methods, you would receive a full aligner treatment system. But with the installment plan, you would also receive a smile protection program. Keep in mind that with the installment plan, you are paying $2756 total (29x $83 + $349). Moreover, night treatment costs you $2245 in a single payment or $98 monthly for 29 months plus a $415 deposit, which comes to $3257 when you pay it off ultimately. Same as an all-day plan, you would get a smile protection program with an installment plan.

How to Get Aligners from Byte:

  1. Take the 30-second survey (to make sure you are a good Candidate)
  2. Order an impression kit
  3. Approve the treatment plan
  4. Get your Byte straightening kit
  5. Start your treatment
  6. Retain your Smiler at no time

Byte Invisible Aligner Pros and Cons

Byte has the shortest treatment compared to other invisible aligners. In case you are getting ready for an important event (like a wedding), this is your best bet. They use HyperByte technology, which accelerated the treatment time. Furthermore, orthodontists are creating the treatment plan for you, so you are in good hands. Like other treatment plans, you need to wear them 22 hours a day to get the fastest results They don’t have a physical location, and everything is done online (which can be good or bad)

Candid vs. Smiledirect vs. Smilelove vs. Byte Invisible Aligners


Of course, if you do not have access to Candid studio, you can purchase the assessment kit. The studios offer free dental scans and let you know if you are the right candidate or not. Candid has a real location that you can go to. Interestingly, they offer free whitening foam to clean your teeth and aligners and free retainer after you complete the course. They recommend that customers change their retainer every six months until it is not needed anymore. With alignments cost of $2400, which you can pay $99 per month for two years.


Interestingly, Smilelove was founded the same year as Candid. But it does not have any physical location. One of the advantages of this company is that you can pay for an alignment kit to assure you are eligible before you commit to a full realignment, which can save you a lot of money. Unlike other plans where you go through the alignment for several months to find out this is not working for you). Meanwhile, after you get their approval, you will receive a digital plan that shows you each step of the way. Therefore, you would know what to expect from each step. Then, if it is satisfying, you can commit to the full process. With other companies, you would only know what it looks like at the end. But with Smilelove, they make sure you understand what your teeth would look like at each step. Smilelove payment plan is very generous. 100% approval rate, $250 deposit, and 0% APR financing). On the other hand, the only disadvantage of Smilelove is that they do not have a physical location (if you ever need to visit a dentist).


One of the advantages of SmileDirectClub is that they offer aligners that you only need to wear at night (about 10 hours), which of course, increases the treatment time. These aligners eliminate the complication of wearing aligners for more than 22 hours every day and carrying a dental kit with you everywhere to clean your teeth every time you eat. Finally, you can also receive a free scan instead of paying for the starter kit.


Consequently, they are probably the most recognizable brand compared to their competitors due to the constant presence on social medial and also excellent customer service. However, what sets apart Byte from its competitors is the amount of time it takes for the aligners to work. For most aligners, it takes a minimum of 6 months or so to work. Byte has a system known as high-frequency vibration (HFV) that customers use every day for a few minutes, and that helps the aligner to settle more fully on the teeth. Because of HFV, the alignment time is much shorter. We are talking 2 to 4 months if you will compare it to 6 to 10 months from other companies. Additionally, you get a free whitening kit, so while your teeth are starting to align, they also start becoming whiter too.


Teeth AlignersCandidSmileLoveSmileClubByte
Aligner Price$2400$1985$2290$1895
Impression Kit Cost$95Free$95$95
Payment Plan$99/mo for 24 months$79/mo for 24 months$89/mo for 24 months+ $250 down$83/mo for 29 months+ $349 down
Free Retainers1st one free1st one freeNo ($99/set)Yes
Insurance AcceptedYesYesYesYes
FSA/HSAYesYesYes + CareCreditYes
FreebiesWhitening kitWhitening kit+Aligner caseWhitening kit+Aligner caseBrightBye whitening kit+ Hyperbyte vibration tool+ Aligner case
In conclusion, before you make your decision, you may want to learn about the similarities and differences between these Invisalign and clear braces. However, you can check out Byte vs. Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign and How much Invisalign costs.

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