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Candid vs. Byte: Which One to Choose for Invisible Aligners?

Candid vs. Byte. Let’s find out which one to choose for invisible aligners to get your misaligned teeth fixed. Let’s be honest. Have you ever felt unconfident  because of a crooked or misaligned teeth? Do you feel embarrassed with your teeth because of spacing issues?  

Most importantly, do you feel conscious when laughing around a group of people? If yes, then make sure that you read completely through this article because we’ve got something exciting to illustrate for you. 

Braces have been a common practice used as a treatment for misaligned teeth. However, they are considered a more painful process because of the long wires that cover your mouth. It is essential to understand that with invisible aligners’ invention after technology evolution, getting a perfect smile has become relatively easy. 


What are Invisible Teeth Aligners?

Invisible Aligners are tight-fitting mouthpieces that fit along with the mouth. They are clear in appearance. Made up of plastic and acrylic material, invisible teeth aligners are also known as clear aligners. 

Invisible Aligners are the products used to correct crooked and misaligned teeth without any hassle of braces. In fact, they are more convenient to be applied in everyday functioning and gives a more flexible experience. 

However, getting invisible aligners for teeth treatment is not for everyone. It depends on the orthodontist or dentist to determine if your teeth are suitable for this treatment or not. 

How Do Invisible Aligners Work

Invisible Aligners are tight-fitting plastic covers that are designed to align your teeth. However, the working process of invisible aligners is much smother and invisible!

In addition, they are moveable. Unlike braces, you do not have to keep them in your mouth straight for two to three years. For example, invisible or clear aligners can be removed while eating, brushing, or flossing. 

Nevertheless, because of being flexible and removable, one must get their new invisible aligners every week/couple of weeks. Several sessions of arrangements are compulsory for a person who plans to get invisible aligners. After every session, you will use a new version of the invisible aligner based on your plan. 

Role of Invisible Aligners in Improving Health

To boost your confidence, getting invisible aligners could be a perfect option for you. But this is not enough when it comes to talking about the role of invisible aligners. 

If your teeth are not finely aligned, you might have to get them fixed by invisible aligners to improve your overall wellbeing. Properly Aligned Teeth can prevent you from getting a stroke or heart disease. 

Wondering how?

People having correctly aligned teeth can chew appropriately because their teeth are equally balanced. This impacts the overall health to a great extent. If your teeth are aligned, as a result, you will generally have better gum health. 

Besides, Periodontitis is a deteriorating oral disease that gives rise to several more diseases, one of which is a heart attack or a stroke. 

The fewer the gum diseases, the better it would be for your oral health. And for instance, Invisible Aligners can save you from several conditions, one of which is Periodontitis as well.

Invisible Aligners can save your Social Life

Braces can leave your mouth with much quantity of metal wires. Anyone can observe that you are in the midst of orthodontic treatment if you have braces on. However, with invisible aligners, the case is the opposite. 

Being transparent in look, no one can ever get a hint of your treatment if you belong to a profession where presentations, meetings, and social gatherings are common. Therefore, Invisible Aligners for your misaligned teeth treatment could be the best option. 

With invisible aligners, you can steal the attention with your crystal-clear smile along with getting the magical treatment of positioning your teeth. 

Am I eligible to get Invisible Aligners?

There must be some questions popping into your mind at the moment. Can I get invisible aligners to get the most attractive smile? Are my teeth suitable for this treatment? And much more.

The answer is quite simple. 

Yes, you can be qualified for this unique treatment of invisible aligners. However, it mainly depends on your teeth positioning. Analyze your teeth’ location. Are they moderately misaligned? Or do you have overcrowded teeth?  If you have slightly misaligned teeth that are not too tough to be treated, getting invisible aligners would be the best option. They would be a better option to choose because they are less painful and above all, it does not require much force. 

Both Byte and Candid will provide you with an impression kit, which can determine if you are a good candidate or not. 

where can you get Invisible Aligners?

Wondering what invisible aligners are and where you should get them from? Moreover, we are going to compare Candid vs. Byte and provide you will all the information you need to make the best decision.

Some brands are available where you can get your treatment for over misaligned teeth and get them straightened. Some of the most famous dentistry companies are:

Candid vs. Byte

1: Byte

Byte has been in the network of dentistry for many years now. They have more than 200 licensed dentists who work for the treatment of misaligned teeth. Their dental network has been extended to almost all over the United States. 

Hyper Byte technology Treatment by Byte proven to be an excellent accelerator for patients with misaligned teeth. This process speeds up the overall wellbeing of oral health to a great extent. 

Patients getting Invisible Aligners from Bytes will also be offered a free of cost teeth whitening service.

Wondering if you can get involved with Bytes for your perfect smile? The answer is yes. But that can only be possible if you are an ideal candidate dedicated to Teledentistry and Invisible Aligners. 

Get $65 OFF Your Impression Kit + $100 OFF ALIGNERS.  Get your Smile for Life with Byte!

2: Candid

Candid Co is one of the best dentistry services that serve more than a thousand customers regularly. They have orthodontists who have experience of more than 25 years. Only well-experienced and highly qualified dentists work for Candid Co. 

The same doctor who designs your invisible aligners keeps track of your teeth whitening process. This is why many people trust the services of Candid Co because they are more trustworthy and reliable in their work. 

Invisible Aligners by Candid are much more stain-resistant and are made up of 100% original acrylic material. Their invisible aligners are free from phthalate, ensuring their products’ high quality and invisible aligners’ overall functioning. 

Candid has also partnered with Smile train – an international children’s charity- that helps provide safe and 100% free cleft lip and palate treatment for children worldwide.

Candid vs. Byte

Candid vs. Byte, which one stands out? Although both Candid Co and Byte provide excellent and efficient services for invisible aligners, however, there are essential points that differentiate between the two. According to an honest comparison:

  • Byte has been providing the fastest services to their customers. The invisible aligners by Byte are more proficient and can show the treatment faster than Candid Co.
  • Byte costs less than Candid for invisible aligners.
  • Candid Co offers orthodontics with remote services.

Difference between Byte and Candid

Overall, both Byte and Candid have claimed to improve your overall oral wellbeing faster and without even visiting a dentist in person.

However, if you plan to visit any one of these two influential companies for your teeth straightening, let us review the major differences between Candid vs Byte:

  1. If you plan to get your treatment done at night without applying invisible aligners at your work or social gatherings, then you should go for Byte. Byte offers an at-night option through which you can deal with your teeth alignment process while sleeping.
  2. The price ranges of Byte are less as compared to Candid.
  3. You can also get a Free retainer once your teeth alignment process by invisible aligners has been done from Byte.
  4. The latest technological innovation by Byte, also known as “Hyper byte,” can accelerate the overall treatment process to a great extent.
Byte vs. Candid Byte Candid
First-time office visit?

You can visit a Candid studio

Treatment time
3-4 months only
6 months only
Impression Kit cost
Monthly dentist visit?
Innovative Technology to speed up the treatment?
Yes, Hyper Byte.
Exclusive Treatment by Orthodontist?



Price of All-Day Invisible Aligners
$83 per month
$99 per month
Coverage Admissibility
Extras offered
Extras offered
• Free Aligner Case

How long will Invisible Aligners take to straighten your teeth with Byte and Candid?


The treatment time may vary from one person to the other. If you are an adult with braces in childhood, you might be able to get your teeth aligned an straighten in less than 8 weeks.

Candid generally has more positive reviews from customers. It is believed that with Candid, you can get your treatment done without visiting any orthodontist in person.

Although, if needed, you will be provided with a chance to get in-person contact with a particular representative for your teeth scan. Candid has an online consulting service to start off your treatment with just a start

On the other hand, Byte’s invisible aligners can shift your teeth and move them to the right alignment in 3 to 4 months, depending upon the condition of your teeth. If your teeth are severely out of shape and position, therefore, the number of months can slightly increase.

Are Invisible Aligners better than Braces?

Invisible Aligners can be much better because they would not leave you with a metal mouth for hours. Apart from this, invisible aligners will keep your teeth aligned and would not require you to live with them all the time. You can learn more about the similarity and differences between braces and invisible aligners here.

As discussed above, invisible aligners are removable. You can remove them for some time when you need to eat or brush your teeth. This will keep you motivated and would help you in maintaining excellent oral health. 

The Reality behind the Cost of Invisible Aligners by Byte and Candid

To sum up, many people try to avoid getting invisible aligners because of their prices. It is generally assumed that the costs of invisible aligners are always skyrocketing. However, this is just true to a certain extent. 

In other words, the charges of invisible aligners are subjective to the service you get them from. It depends on the orthodontist or dentist who is providing you the service of invisible aligners. Typically, invisible aligners cost $2000 to $3000. Learn more about braces and invisible aligners here.

With Byte, you can get your treatment done at less than $83 per month. However, with Candid, the prices are a little higher.

You can get started with 70% off your impression kit + $100 off your aligners from Byte using this link.

Should I get my Invisible Aligners from Byte or Candid?

Moreover, invisible aligners by Byte and Candid are much more convenient in applying and maintaining the overall straightening of teeth. As compared to traditional braces, invisible aligners can keep your teeth straightened without leaving you with a rigid metal mouth.

Invisible Aligners by Byte and Candid are removable and can be taken off when eating, flossing, or brushing. Now that you know the exact difference between Candid vs. Byte or your invisible aligners, we recommend you act smartly and choose the best option.

If you still haven’t decided between Candid vs. Byte and would like to learn about other options, you can check out Byte vs. SmileDirectClub vs. Invisalign.

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