Hims vs. Roman vs. Promescent

Hims vs Roman vs Promescent; Best PE Treatment

Let’s talk about Hims vs Roman vs Promescent, which among these Premature ejaculation treatments is the best? PE is not uncommon; in the U.S, about 1 in 3 men from 18 to 59 years old have issues with PE. Most of the time, PE problems are psychological, however, it may be related to biology.

In this article, we will talk about each advantage and disadvantage, after that, you can decide which company meets your requirements. It is much easier than ever to seek treatment for Premature Ejaculation (PE).

Several companies offer PE medication online, and with few clicks, you can find a legit product that makes you free from suffering and embarrassment with your partner.  Since there are companies that offer PE treatment, it can become confusing. As to which one would be a better fit for you.

Hims and Roman both are direct to consumer platform for men’s healthcare. You can find treatment for PE, acne, hair loss treatment, Erectile Dysfunction, and anything a man may deal with within his lifetime. On the other hand, Promescent only focus is PE treatment and hence does not provide other products like the other two companies.

In addition, both Hims and Roman offer licensed health care professionals whom you can consult with and get your meds online. So you do not even have to step out of your home for your visit or stay in line at the pharmacy to pick up your prescription. They both have legit doctors, legit pharmacies, and, therefore, legit products

How does ejaculation work? Hims vs ROMAN VS PROMESCENT

Ejaculation has two phases: phase 1 emission and phase 2 expulsion. The central nervous system controls your ejaculation. So when you are having sex, signals are sent to your brain and your spinal cord. For instance, when you reach a certain level of excitement, semen will be ejected from your penis (Ejaculation).

In phase 1 or emission, sperm moves from the testicles to your prostate and gets mixed with your seminal fluid. While during phase 2 or expulsion, muscles at the base of your penis contact, which forces semen out of the penis.

The climax and ejaculation in most men happen simultaneously, and usually, the erection goes away after ejaculation

What is the average time for ejaculation? HIMS VS ROMAN VS PROMESCENT

Based on a study that was published in PubMed in 2008, it was concluded that adequate time for ejaculation was from 3-7 minutes. They called 10-30 minutes too long, 1-2 minutes too short, and 7-13 minutes as desirable.

Even though these numbers can give you some perspective, the ejaculation time varies a lot from one person to another or from one couple to another couple. Duration of Ejaculation can differ based on your mood, what you ate/drank, time of the day, and many other things.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Ejaculation is the expulsion of semen from the body. Premature ejaculation is when the expulsion of semen happens sooner than expected during intercourse. Sometimes PE is also called rapid ejaculation, early ejaculation, or premature climax.

However, PE makes partners frustrated, as a result, sex becomes less enjoyable. If PE often happens when you have sex, you can talk to your health care provider or speak with a tele-doctor, and they can help you with iti

What causes PE?

Most men are more likely not to talk about PE or seek professional help because PE is a sensitive subject. Therefore, many people are not comfortable talking about it. In a  comprehensive online survey among 12133 men (from the United States, Germany, and Italy) who classified themselves as having PE issues, only 9% of them talked about it with their doctor.

Even though the exact cause of PE is not known, serotonin could be a role player. Serotonin is a chemical made in your nerves. When the amount of serotonin is high in the brain, it increases the time of ejaculation, and if the amount of serotonin is low, it shortens the time of ejaculation and can cause PE.

There is a wide range of potential causes for PE. Primary reasons can be classified as physical causes and psychological causes. In general, emotional influences can have a significant impact on PE as well.

Common physical causes include:

  • Prostate problem
  • Thyroid problem

Typical emotional causes include:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Relationship problems
  • Guilt
  • History of sexual repression
  • Anxiety about sexual performance
  • Lack of confidence


Another factor that can affect PE is age. PE can happen at any age. Even though age is not the direct cause of PE, it can affect PE and erectile dysfunction.

Your partner:

Additionally, alking about the issue with your partner can help. Couples consulting or sex therapy can be extremely beneficial. You and your partner may need to do some exercises which help prolong the erection.

Are premature Ejaculation and Erectile dysfunction related?

Sometimes men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) also suffer from PE. Erectile dysfunction happens when it is challenging to get or stay hard for sexual activity. After that, since erection goes away after ejaculation, it can be difficult to know if PE or ED is the problem. In many patients, once they treat ED, PE will not be a problem anymore.

Companies like Hims and Roman also offer treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. You can read about them here.


Herbal remedies

For instance, some men prefer to take herbal medicine, and there is nothing wrong with it. There are several herbal remedies available such as Kaunch beej, yauvanamrit Vati, and Kamini vidrawan. With herbal remedies, there is not much scientific study or clinical trial behind it.

Most medications that Hims or Roman offer passed the clinical trial studies and approved by the FDA which we recommend.

Behavioral therapy

This method uses exercises to help build tolerance and aid in delaying ejaculation. Two main standard procedures are the stop-start method and the squeeze method.

In the start-stop method, you or your partner stimulates your penis till you are very close to ejaculation. At this point, either you or your partner stops until the urge to climax goes way. It would be best if you repeated this three times, and then you ejaculate on the fourth time. Most importantly, it is recommended to practice this method three times a week to help you gain more control.

However, in the squeeze method, like start-stop, you or your partner stimulates your penis till you are very close to ejaculation. Then you or your partner squeezes your penis so your erection goes away (it may just go away partially). The goal is you become aware of the feeling of the climax. Above all, with this method, you can better control and delay the climax.

Psychological therapy

Another way to treat PE is Psychological therapy is. Some people prefer to use only psychological treatment, and others like to combine psychological with behavioral therapy. In other words, the main goal of psychological treatment is to work with the emotions that may lead to a problem with ejaculations.

Therapists try to find the source of the problem and find solutions that can help men become less nervous, frustrated, and able to last longer.

Medical therapy

The FDA has not approved any medication specifically for PE treatment; however, several products are available on the market, such as numbing creams, numbing sprays, and some pills.

Oral medications: Hims vs. Roman

Fluoxetine, paroxetine, Sertraline, Clomipramine, and Tramadol are some of the medications used to treat depression. Doctors found most people on anti-depression drugs have delayed orgasm, and some doctors use these medicines off-label (meaning that they prescribe it for something else than the intended use of the drug) to treat PE. Other medications, such as α1-adrenoceptor antagonists inhibit smooth muscle contractions, which can help with emission failure.

When you talk to your doctor, he or she will tell you whether you need to take the medication every day or just before having sex. These medications need to be taken as long as you do not want to have PE.

Here is the comparison between Hims, Roman, and Lemonade that offer Oral medications for PE
Oral TreatmentRomanHimsLemonade
(generic Zoloft)
(generic Zoloft)
(generic Zoloft)
Prescription RequiredYesYesYes
Cost$24/mo.$24/mo.$90 (3 months)

Diet and nutrition

There are specific nutrients that may affect ejaculation time—most of these products have selenium, calcium, and iron for better control. To name a few, you can try adding spinach, beef, garlic, almonds, or yogurt to your nutrition.

Topical Medications; Hims vs. Roman vs. Promescent

Numbing sprays and creams are also another way to treat PE. In other words, you need to put the numbing product on top of the penis and let it sit for 20 to 30 min before having sex.  Also, for vaginal sex, you should clean the area as the numbing product may cause vaginal numbness. Not all topical sprays need to be seated for 30 minutes or to be cleaned before having sex but the majority do.

Roman offers swipes that you can use. Hims and  Promescent offer sprays. Here is the compassion between Hims spray vs. Promescent vs. Roman swipes.

Topical treatmentRomanHimsPromescent
Prescription RequiredNoNoNo
Cost$22 (8 swipes) based on 3 months plan$29$29
Active IngredientBenzocaineLidocaineLidocaine

You can also try to

  • Masturbate an hour or so before having sex
  • Have sex with your partner on top, so when you are close to ejaculation, they can pull away
  • Think about something boring during sex, so you do not get very excited
  • Use a condom and, if possible, a thicker one to reduce the sensation

Hims PE treatment options


The spray is formulated with lidocaine for adjustment of sensitivity. One of the advantages of Hims spray is that it gets absorbed completely and as a result, it will not pass to your partner.

After applying the spray to the most sensitive part of the penis, rub it where you want to numb it. The spray will only numb where you put it and not the whole penis. Make sure to apply the spray about five to ten minutes before having sex. If you are not comfortable with the spray, you can try Sertraline.


In addition, Hims offer Sertraline, which is generic for Zoloft and help men with PE. Sertraline needs a prescription, and to get the pill, you need to complete an online visit with Hims health care providers. Based on your needs, you can take it daily or as you need.

How to get PE treatment from Hims?

Hims, Roman, and Lemonade are direct-to-consumer telemedicine companies and offer treatment for several different health issues.

Like in women, the company believes that men also must take care of themselves when it comes to health and wellness. Treatment for sexual health, hair care, and skincare are some of Hims’ main offerings. They also added mental health and primary care services recently.

Receiving prescriptions from Hims is very easy. When you sign up, they will ask you questions about your symptoms, health, and wellness (questions may vary based on the treatment you seek). Make sure you answer honestly and correctly to receive the proper medicine.

After you answer all the questions and complete your profile, you need to add your government Id (so Hims makes sure you are who you say you are). Based on the state you live in; you will be directed to a health care professional in your state to begin your diagnosis and treatment. You also have an option to discuss the treatment plan with your physician and change or modify it in the future if needed, and on top of that, your first online visit is free.

Moreover, of the advantages of Hims is that you do not need to talk with your doctor in person, which can sometimes be embarrassing if you are seeking treatment for sexual issues such as PE or ED.

Are Hims PE products legit?

The active ingredient in the spray is lidocaine, which is known for helping with PE. Sertraline is also an FDA-approved medicine called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) and was first approved to treat depression. Most doctors use it off-label to treat ED.

While you are taking the pill, it is recommended that you do not drink alcohol. Because like any other medication, you may experience side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, or indigestion.  Some people also experience agitation, changes in sleep habits, increased sweating, and feeling tired. If you observe any other side effects, make sure to contact Hims Doctor immediately.

Roman PE treatment options


The active ingredient of their swipes is benzocaine. In a study with men who used the wipes, the time of orgasm during vaginal intercourse was 75 seconds at the start of the study; it rose to three minutes after a month and 5.5 minutes after two months which is about 340% increase.

In a 2017 study, 82% of participants who used benzocaine wipes were no longer considered to have PE after two months.

Certainly, Roman swipes are clinically proven to treat PE. Why?

Firstly, they are over the counter, so no need for a prescription. You need to apply them 5 minutes before sex. Secondly, these Roman endurance wipes are moist towelette treated with numbing medications. We like the wipes because they are less messy than the spray or creams available on the market. Thirdly, the wipes are so tiny you can carry it with you wherever you want to go and can fit them in your wallet too!


Roman offers Sertraline (Generic Zoloft), which is a prescribed medication. Because of that, you need a doctor’s consultation. They are the standard SSRI meds that help you last longer. The FDA approved this medication to treat depression, but it can be used off label for PE.

How to get PE treatment from Roman?

Since Roman is a telemedicine company, everything is going to be online. Firstly, you need to register on their website and answer questions about your background and health. Then you get to choose the treatment you are interested in. Wipes are trendy, and they are over the counter, so you do not need doctor consultations.

Roman offers transparent pricing, which means you can review their prices at any time and make sure you pay what you think you should pay. You also need to provide your government ID and credit card information.

The whole process is very simple and straightforward. After Roman’s licensed doctor reviews your health profile, they offer appropriate medications suitable for you.

Sertraline, however, has some side effects, so make sure you know what they are before taking it. Some of the side effects include swings in mood, depression, suicidal thoughts, or action. In addition, some people also feel increased sweating, diarrhea, change in weight, or appetite. Most importantly, make sure to talk with your Roman doctor if you experience any of these side effects.

Promescent PE treatment options

The main product of Promescent is a numbing spray with the active ingredient of lidocaine, which helps delay ejaculation. The numbing spray works by desensitizing the penis and prolonging the sexual activity. A 2016 study on 91 men showed that Promescent spray increased the ejaculation latency time or the time from simulation to ejaculation.

Participants used the product for 14 days and self-reported the results saying that the average ejaculation time increased from 6.81 minutes to 11.6 minutes. Before using Promescent, partners used to achieve orgasm about 44% of the time, and by using the spray, they reported orgasm approximately 65% of the time.

Finally, and since Promescent is a topical product, fewer side effects are involved compared to the pill. But occasionally people have reported rash, irritation, or itching in the person using it or their partner. Promescent is available in 10 sprays, 20 sprays, 40 spray, and as well as 60 spray bottles.

Promescent Price

HIMS VS ROMAN VS PROMESCENT; Which one should you try?

You should know that Hims lidocaine spray for PE is very affordable compared to other ones on the market. It only numbs where you spray it not the whole penis. Their initial doctor consultation is free and Hims does not charge for shipping your meds.

If you prefer prescription medication, then you get a free consultation. One of Sertraline vs. spray advantages is that you can take it daily or six to eight hours before intimacy and be ready to have sex whenever you want. Try Him’s PE treatments, and you will not regret it.

Roman offers an online visit, which is very convenient as you do not have to go to the doctor’s office. Products they offer are also shown to be effective. They ship the product with 2-day shipping using Ro pharmacy. Also, doctors are not financially incentivized to prescribe anything, and you can use free follow up messaging with Ro doctors. As of now Roman also offer free doctor visit and $10 off your first order which you can take advantage of.

Meanwhile, if you do not want to sign up for a subscription plan (what Hims and Roman offer), you can go for Promescent spray as it can help you with premature ejaculation, and at the same time, you do not need to opt-in for a monthly plan.

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