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Keeps vs. Hims vs. Roman: Which One Works Best for You?

Who are these companies? what kind of products are they offering? which one you should pick? Here is the comprehensive review of Keeps vs. Hims vs. Roman.

Are you a male over 30? Then you probably have noticed lots of ads and commercials for hair loss treatment subscriptions from Keeps, Roman and Hims.

Telemedicine startups like Hims, Roman, and Keeps promise to help you keep your hair. They offer treatment plans you can order quickly and discreetly online, with treatments like pills, topical drops, or even gummy vitamins.

They are all introducing hair loss treatment in a sexy and affordable way. Their focus is on Men’s health, with tons of educational articles that are trying to answer all the questions you may have about your health and wellness.

They want to be your supplier for hair loss products. Even though the companies are relatively young, the products they offer have been on the market for several years. They are targeting younger generations, and if you notice their product look and feel similar, it’s because they are.

Hims, Roman, and Keeps have capitalized on the expiration of medical patents from the leading hair loss treatment drugs. The drugs include  Propecia, which is the brand name for Finasteride and Rogaine, which is the brand name for Minoxidil.

Generic vs. Branded Medication

Patents usually expire 20 years from the date of filling. During these 20 years, only the original manufacturer can research, develop, and sell the brand name drug. After patent expiration, other companies can produce the generic form of the branded product, which is what Keeps, Hims, and Roman have done.

Who Are the Founders and Why Did They Start the Company?

Keeps founders are Steve Gutentag and Demetri Karagas. Steve and Demetri worked several years at startups and big companies like Google. When they began experiencing hair loss themselves, they decided to launch Keeps. Keeps is a subscription-based start-up that delivers medication to your front door.

Andrew Dudum founded Hims. The idea for hims came after realizing that none of his friends or peers broached uncomfortable – yet common – issues like hair loss and erectile dysfunction (ED). He also realized there was a considerable gap in terms of education in the men’s care industry. After searching in the market, he realized most men related products are gross and super expensive. He couldn’t find a brand that is reasonably priced and looks stylish. Andrew noticed most men must have a severe health issue to finally go to the doctor. He Started Hims to change that.

Zachariah Reitano is the founder of Roman. He experienced ED at a shockingly young age when he was 17 or 18 years old. After consulting with his dad (a doctor), Zachariah decided to visit a cardiologist. During the stress-test on the treadmill, he collapsed and went through heart surgery. While heart medication he was taking helped him with his condition,  he developed erectile dysfunction again as a side effect of the drug. Long story short, going through all of that and experiencing it himself, he decided to start Roman.

Roman, like Keeps and Hims, offers subscription medicine for hair loss treatment. They also have treatment plans for sexual health (ED, premature ejaculation, herpes, cold sores) and daily health (allergies, weight management, heart health, etc.)

Why Keeps, Roman, and Hims Are Receiving Burst of Attention?

This is because they speak openly about sexual and health issues that carry a hefty measure of stigma and shame despite their prevalence. You don’t know a lot of men who talk about their hair loss or erectile dysfunction without shame or embarrassment.

Hims, Keeps, and Roman all want to normalize hair loss and ED and therefore encourage men to take care of themselves, despite the existing culture that keeps many men from doing so.

Hair loss and ED are big markets, and there are lots of potential costumers around it. If any of the shoppers are interested in online telemedicine, then with these companies, they have the option.

Keeps vs. Hims Vs. Roman: What Kind of Products Do They Offer?

Hims, Keeps and Roman offer similar FDA-approved products for hair loss treatment which includes:

Finasteride, 1mg, generic for Propecia®

Minoxidil, 5%, generic for Rogaine®

Besides Finasteride and Minoxidil, Keeps offer 2% Ketoconazole shampoo for dandruff, itchiness, and flaking.

Hims also recommends daily biotin gummies and DHT blocking shampoo.

The process is very similar for all three. To receive hair treatment products, first, you need to do online consultation with a state-licensed physician. Sometimes you may need to do a phone or video consultation as well.

Since the main hair treatment products they offer are similar, so what makes them apart? Price and service.  Let’s check the price first.

Keeps, Hims and Roman Product Pricing

Hims vs. Keeps vs. RomanKeepsHimsRoman
Doctor ConsultationFirst one Free, $20 after that$5$15 Free now, unlimited follow-up
Finasteride50% off of your first order, then $25/mo$28.5/Mo$20/mo
Minoxidil solution50% off of your first order, then $10/mo$15/Mo$16/mo
Minoxidil Foam50% off of your first order, then $15/mo
ShampooKetokonazole Shampoo, $10/moDHT Blocking Shampoo, $19/mo
Biotin (vitamin for hair)$16/Mo

Hims, Keeps and Roman Bundle Pricing

After you talk with the licensed doctor, you may need to take Finasteride, Minoxidil, or a combination of both. If you are prescribed the bundle, then you can save more money as these telemedicine startups are offering a great price.

Also, if you compare their price with what you can get from the pharmacy, you realize how much you are saving by ordering through them.

Keeps vs. Hims vs. RomanKeepsHimsRoman
Minoxidil Solution$10/mo$15/mo$16/mo
Finasteride and Minoxidil Bundle$35/mo$44/mo
Includes DHT blocking shampoo and daily biotin
Finasteride and Minoxidil Bundle First order$68.25 for first 3 months$88 for the first 3 months$70 for the first 3 months
Delivery (every 3 months)$3FreeFree

What Is Finasteride?

Finasteride is the brand name for Propecia. It was initially designed to treat enlarged prostates. Later, Merck (the pharmaceutical company who produced Propecia) got the FDA approval for 1mg dose to be used for hair loss treatment. Finasteride is being offered by all three of the new subscription services: Hims, Roman, and Keeps.

How Does Finasteride work?

Finasteride functions by decreasing the amount of a natural body hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Scientists believe that in aging men, DHT interacts with their follicle and makes the follicle to shrink. Decreasing the amount of DHT helps with increasing hair regrowth and slowing down hair loss.

Is Finasteride Effective?

Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD) published a study that was done on 1553 men (age 18 to 41). The main key finding of the study was that in men with male pattern hair loss, Finasteride slowed hair loss and increased hair growth. Hair growth in other parts of the body was not affected by Finasteride.

You should take this medication by mouth once daily or as prescribed by your physician. Finasteride is FDA-approved and has been shown, based on numerous studies, to prevent receding hairlines.

Hair follicles begin shrinking if you stop taking Finasteride, which is why patients often report hair loss immediately after stopping. If you want to maintain the results, you need to take it all the time.

Some people think if they take more Finasteride, it will help them with more hair growth. Taking more than prescribed will NOT increase Finasteride’s effectiveness for hair loss prevention.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Finasteride?

Some of the potential side effect of Finasteride :

  • Allergic reactions like skin rash
  • Dizziness, difficulty breathing
  • Swelling or tenderness in the breasts
  • Pain in the testicles
  • Inability to urinate
  • Breast cancer in women

Even though it is rare, 3.8% of patients in clinical trials noticed some form of sexual side effect compared to 2.1% of patients using the placebo. If you notice some sexual side effects, you can stop the medication and likely it clears up once you quit.

What Is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is the active ingredient of Rogaine®. It has been on the market for more than 20 years, and lots of people have used it.

How does Minoxidil work?

Minoxidil increases blood flow and nutrient delivery to the hair follicles which strengthens and fortifies the follicles and prevents them from falling out. 5 % Minoxidil will increase the size of follicles and extends the natural hair growth cycles.

One of the shortcomings of Minoxidil is that most people need to use it for a couple of months before seeing any benefit. Also, to maintain growth, you need to apply it every day.

It is recommended to apply  Minoxidil to your scalp twice daily. Initial shedding may happen as the new hair is trying to push out older strands.

Is Minoxidil Effective?

Minoxidil 5% is highly effective and isn’t considered prescription strength, so you can buy it over the counter. You can also get branded Rogaine from Amazon here – and with Amazon’s Subscribe and Save, the price is reasonable.

JAAD published a study showing that daily usage of 5% minoxidil topical solution increased hair regrowth and decreased hair shedding.

In another study that was focused on Minoxidil effects on the bolding crown, it was found out 53% of participants experienced significant air growth.

Most of the studies around Mixodinl has been focused on the crown. However, this doesn’t suggest that it is not effective around the hairline. Still, there has not been extensive research on the relationship of Minoxidil and hairline restoration.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Minoxidil?

  • Chest pain or palpitations
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Skin rash, blisters, or itching
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Swelling of the hands or feet

Are Finasteride and Minoxidil Safe to Use?

For both Finasteride and Minoxidil, the list of side effects is kind of long (similar to a lot of other medications). However, they are exceedingly rare. They both are seen as relatively safe hair loss treatments on the market today.

Finasteride and Minoxidil together can restore existing, dormant follicles as well as prevent or slow future loss. Combined, they are doubly potent. One prevents hair loss, and the other helps with regrowth.

With hair loss treatment, you need to educate yourself. And don’t expect an overnight miracle. You can only regrow and strengthen the follicles you still have. This means that if you lost any hair in the past couple of years, it’s likely you can restore some of it. But if it’s been long gone or never existed in the first place, well, that follicle is probably dried up and gone for good.

How Does Hims Work?

Hims has become a one-stop-shop for men. They offer all kinds of grooming and self-care needs, different types of skincare, sex-related treatments, health supplements, and oral care necessities.

Hims is a subscription service (3 months, 6 months, or 12 months plans) for men’s wellness. They offer both prescribed and over-the-counter medication, but all prescriptions require an online consultation. The consultation is done with a board-certified doctor, and you need a valid government ID before you can purchase your prescription. Everything you order from Hims will be sent to your home.

Hims hopes to make self-care for men accessible, convenient, and affordable, especially for the subjects men find hard to talk about.

For hair loss treatments, Hims has several different packages – some will require a prescription, and some will not. The complete hair kit is consists of four different items: Finasteride, DHT Blocking shampoo, Minoxidil, and Biotin pills (a vitamin that promotes healthy hair and nails).

After your first consultation with a doctor and receiving your order, Hims will check in with you on regular bases to track progress and possible side effects before renewing your prescription.

Hims offers:

  1. Primary care
    • This includes a big list such as cold and flu, allergies, infections, asthma, acid reflux, etc….
  2. Sexual Health
    • Cold sore
    • Genital Herpes
    • Premature Ejaculation
    • Erectile dysfunction
  3. Skin
    • Acne treatment
    • Anti-aging cream
    • Wrinkle cream
    • Vitamin C serum
  4. Supplement
  5. Performance anxiety
  6. Mental Health

How Does Keeps Work?

Keeps hair loss products

Keeps is another online platform that solely focuses on hair loss treatments.

They have a  great patient portal that allows you to keep track of your orders and communicate with a licensed physician.

You’ll track your progress quarterly with the doctor. They want to make sure you are not experiencing any side effects and also benefiting from the treatment you are receiving.  If everything looks good, you get your next shipments.

How Does Roman Work?

Roman hair loss products

Roman, like Hims, is not limited to hair loss treatment. Both companies focus on men’s health in general, unlike Keeps, which has only focused on hair loss treatment.

They offer a subscription service like Keeps and Hims. After filling your personal information on their website, a licensed healthcare professional will reach out to you. They will offer you a personalized treatment plan. Following that, you can purchase prescription medication, and it will be delivered to your door within 2 days.

Roman offers:

  1. Sexual Health:
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Premature Ejaculation
    • Cold Sores
    • Genital Herpes
  2. Daily Health
    • Allergies
    • Hearth Health
    • Bone Health
    • Stress Relief
    • Prostate Health
    • Testosterone Support
    • Quit Smoking
    • Weight Management
  3. Hair & Skin
    • Hair Loss Treatment
    • Nightly Defense Skincare

How to Get Perscription from Hims, Roman, or Keeps?

It’s surprisingly easy. For all three companies, all you have to do is to fill out their online questionnaire, talk with a licensed physician, pay for your treatment, and you are done! Your prescription will show up at your door.

How About Refills?

That’s also very easy.  Usually, they will reach out to you and let you know that it’s time for an online follow-up with your doctor for you to receive the next refill.

For example, Hims and Roman are going to email and text you to remind you that it’s time for a telemedicine doctor’s exam, which can usually be completed in a simple online questionnaire for most men.

Roman Vs. Keeps Vs. Hims: What Is the Verdict?

Finasteride and Minoxidil have been on the market for several years. Roman, Keeps, and Hims offer both of them in generic form, which is, of course, cheaper.

You also need to know with both medications, you see the effects as long as you are taking them. The moment you stop, your hair loss will start again. So the subscription helps you stay on top of this.

In the debate of Keeps vs. Hims vs. Roman, you have to consider what products you’re looking for. If you like the idea of using Finasteride in conjunction with a shampoo, biotin, and topical solution, Hims is the way to go. If you like the simplicity of Finasteride, Roman will do just fine.

If you are only interested in Minoxidil, your best bet is Keeps. It offers both foam and serum forms.

Use Roman and Hims: If you are interested in other health-related products such as Erectile dysfunction, cold sore, etc as well.

Use Keeps if: you want to support the youngest among these three startups. Keeps is solely focused on hair products.

Use Hims if: you are looking for a user-friendly platform that offers you the option to speak with a physician if you prefer.

Use Roman if: the price is the deciding factor. You can get the cheapest bundle, including shipping from them.

If you already use finasteride, minoxidil, or both, Keeps, Hims or Roman are a great way to get your hair-loss treatments without having to go to an office and a pharmacy, and a great way to potentially find lower prices.

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