Roman hair loss product

Roman Hair Products Review: Do They Really Work?

Roman is a digital health clinic for men that diagnoses, prescribes, and delivers health medicine. One of their goals is to provide a customized hair loss treatment plan for men. Let’s have a comprehensive review of Roman. 

Even though male pattern baldness is the primary reason for hair loss in men, it is not the only reason. You may be loosing hair because of stress, hormonal change, or even some medications that you are taking. When talking with doctors at Roman, they will explore all the factors before prescribing you with a hair loss treatment product.

This online health start-up works with certified doctors, and your medication will be mailed to your home with their quick and easy delivery system. Doctors who work with Roman, offer you FDA-approved hair loss treatment products. Numerous studies shown these medications are clinically proven to combat Male Pattern Hair loss.  

Roman is a cloud-based health start-up and sends your prescription every quarter. To start the subscription, you need to meet with a physician online and receive a prescription. Every 90 days, your treatment will be sent to your front door. 


What Does Roman Offer?

Roman offers variety of treatments for men’s health.

Three main categories that they cover as of now include:

  • Sexual health
    1. Erectile dysfunction
    2. Premature ejaculation
    3. Genital herpes
    4. Cold sores
  • Hair
    1. Hair loss
    2. For receding hairline
    3. For the crown
  • Daily health
    1. Allergies
    2. Weight management
    3. Heart health
    4. Bone health
    5. Stress relief
    6. Prostate health
    7. Quit smoking
    8. Testosterone support
Roman hair loss products

Is Roman for You?

There are certain health issues that we are not comfortable talking about them, let alone visiting a doctor. If you are concerned about your hair loss and want to get treatment for it, then you can benefit from what they offer.

At Roman, everything is done online, which makes it easy to get diagnosed and receive a prescription without even leaving your home.

Roman wants to help men to concur and prevent boldness. They offer personalized service for each individual that can be changed or updated as they wish.

Roman vs. Traditional Treatment

Why should you use a start-up company to get your medications instead of a traditional doctor visit? There are several benefits to use Roman.

1-You Consult with a Real Physician

It is cheaper, faster, and convenient to meet a physician online through Roman.

Since you talk with a state-licensed physician, Roman needs to have doctors in each state. Until recently, they only had doctors in few states such as Michigan, Nebraska, Virginia, Montana, Washington, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, and New York. Roman is growing very fast, and I am sure by the time I publish this, they are already covering the whole United States!

Are teledoctors as effective as in-person visits?

For some health problems, like a broken leg, you need to visit a doctor in person and get a cast. But for health issues such as hair loss treatment, there is not much of a difference. It is faster and cheaper if you talk with the physician online. Who doesn’t like to save time and money!

The Roman online visit makes it convenient and comfortable to discuss any hair loss issues. All doctors are a state-licensed physician that go through an extensive background check before working with Roman. When you meet with the doctor, you can view their medical license and their certificates.

You can talk with the doctor through a secure message or video call. The way of communication may depend on the requirements of your residing state. 

2-You Receive FDA-approved Prescriptions

Roman Hair treatment products are FDA-approved. Even though Roman offers a generic version of hair treatment products, they still have the same effect in the body. That’s because the active ingredient of the branded and generic drugs are identical.  

3-You Get Free 2-day Shipping for Your Prescription

Once you consult with the doctor, and they prescribe your medication, your treatment will be sent to you for free with 2-day shipping.

4-While You Are Subscribed, You Can Talk to Your Doctor at Any Time

You want to update your treatment, experiencing a side effect, or having a general question? You can quickly contact your doctor.

Roman hair loss products

Hair Loss Treatment Products from Roman

Roman products for hair treatment includes Finasteride, which is generic for Propecia® and Minoxidil, which is generic for Rogaine®.

What Is Finasteride?

Roman Finasteride

Finasteride is the generic form for brand name Propecia®. Using Finasteride can block the conversion of testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the leading cause of male pattern baldness.

The standard dose of Finasteride for hair loss treatment is 1mg. It comes in a pill form that you need to take it every day. If you start using Finasteride earlier, it works better to prevent male pattern baldness. There is a timepoint (that can vary from person to person) when permanent changes in the scalp stop the hair regrowth.  If you are at that point, you can still use Finasteride to prevent further hair loss.

Is Finasteride Effective?

There have been several studies showing the effectiveness of Finasteride in hair loss treatment.

Journal of investigative dermatology reported using Finasteride for two years helped 83% of men to combat further hair loss, and  66% of men had some hair regrowth.  

Propecia® vs. Finasterid

Propecia® is the brand name for 1mg Finasteride. Since Finasteride is the generic form of Propecia, based on the FDA requirements, it should act the same way in the body and have the same effects as the branded product.

What Is Minoxidil?

Roman Minoxidil

Minoxidil is the generic form of the brand Rogaine®. It comes as a 5% topical solution that you need to apply daily to your scalp.

How Does Minoxidil work?

Minoxidil increases the size of hair follicles and lengthens the growing phase of them. Minoxidil relaxes the muscles in the blood vessel wall. As muscles relax, they become wider and let more blood to pass through the vessel. More blood means more oxygen and nutrient to follicles. This could be how Minoxidil helps to treat hair loss and, in some cases, hair regrowth

Even though it is rare, in some cases, it may cause irritation or itchiness at the scalp. If you experience any side effects, you can contact your doctor at Roman.

How Was Minoxidil Discovered?

Do you want to know who Minoxidil was discovered as a drug for hair loss treatment? It is very cool.  Minoxidil was initially made as an oral pill to treat high blood pressure. The study was canceled very quickly as patients did not tolerate the oral tablet very well.

One of the side effects of the oral pill was the growth of unwanted hair!!! That’s how Minoxidil was pivoted from a tablet that was designed to treat high blood pressure to a topical solution that helps with hair loss treatment. Cool ha?

Is Minoxidil Effective?

There are only 2 FDA-approved products for hair loss treatment. Minoxidil is one of them. It was approved in 1988, and many men have used it for hair loss treatment since then.

Minoxidil works best if you’ve been experiencing hair loss for less than five years. In most cases, Mixodinil helps to prevent hair loss rather than hair regrowth. While taking Minoxidil, you may notice more hair loss at the beginning. This is very normal. During the first few months, some of your thin hair will be gone, and thicker hair will be replaced.  

How Does Roman Work?

How Roman works

1- Meet Online with the doctor and get your prescription

2- Receive your prescription at the comfort of your home

3- Get unlimited follow up with your doctor

How to Get Hair Loss Prescription from Roman?

First, you need to answer some questions and meet with the doctor.

To start,  click on the “Start online visit” button, and a window will pop up. Since Roman offers several products for different conditions, you need to go to the hair loss section. It looks similar to the below picture.  

Roman Hair loss start

If you are not sure what kind of product you need or you want to consult with the doctor, then select overall hair loss treatment

If you only need Finasteride, then choose the prescription treatment option. Since Finasteride is not an over the counter medicine, you need to consult with a Roman doctor andyou’re your prescription.

If you only need Minoxidil topical solution, you can go ahead and click on the over the counter treatment. Roman will charge you for three months of supply (now the first month is free) and will ship Minoxidil to your address.

Getting Started with Your Free Online Visit

If you are not sure what is right for you, you will be able to let the doctor decide. It would take about10-15 minutes to fill out the form. Here are the steps:

  1. Fill out the basics (name, birthday, etc.)
    • You have the option to sign up for SMS notifications (updates from your doctor, shipment notification, prescription expiration alert)
  2. Answer medical questions
  3. Upload three photos of your head (facing forward, top of your head and side)
  4. Answer medical history and list any current medications

After this step, it usually suggests what medication your doctor would prescribe and asks if you would like to continue. If so, then you would go to the next step.

      5. Upload a picture of your face and a government-issued ID
      6. Tell them where to ship
      7. Confirm payment (you won’t be charged until you speak with the doctor             prescribed)

By the way, you have the option to switch to an on-demand refill after first order, which is not being offered with other telemedicine companies such as Keeps and Hims.

Roman Pricing for Hair Loss Treatment

Finasteride, 1mg Minoxidil Solution, 5% Finasteride and Mixonidil together

At the time of writing this review, the first month for all prescriptions are free.

IS It Easy to Cancel Your Subscription?

This is, in fact, my favorite part about Roman. They made this super easy and straight forward. I don’t like it when with some companies I have to call customer service 100 times, and they transfer your call to different departments, and after 20 minutes of wait, they say we are sorry, but we already charged you for next six months 😊.

If you need to delay or cancel your subscription, all you have to do is go to your account and find the medication. Then either chose delay order or for cancelation go to change plan. Then select “turn off auto refills.”  And you are done!

Is Roman Hair Treatment Safe?

Both Finasteride and Minoxidil are FDA-approved, and they have been selling on the market for several years. Don’t feel like that you are a guinea pig testing this medication for the first time.

Both the branded version of Finasteride and Minoxidil went through extensive studies in the lab, on animals and humans. With the generic version of them (which is offered by Roman), they have the same active ingredient of the branded ones.

Of course, any medication that you take may have some sort of side effects, and Finasteride and Minoxidil are no exception either.

The most common side effects of Finasteride include trouble in getting an erection, a decrease in the amount of semen, or a decrease in sex drive. Based on Roman, these and other side effects have been reported mostly in people taking the 5 mg dose rather than 1 mg dose.

The most common side effects of Minoxidil are itching and irritation of the scalp where you apply the medication.

Is Roman Legit?

Of course, they are! Roman headquarter is in New York City, and as of now, they have raised $88 M in series A and $85M in series B funding from famous venture capitals such as Torch capital and First Mark.

Roman was founded in 2017 by Zachariah Reitano, Saman Rahimian, and Rob Schutz. When Zachariah was 17, he was experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED). His dad (a doctor) knew about this and had him take a stress test. Once on a treadmill for the test, his heart collapsed, and he had to do a surgery. The drugs he was taking had ED as one of the side effects.

Zachariah realized it was not a comfortable experience as an ED patient to go to the doctor, have an awkward conversation with the receptionist, and finally go to a pharmacy to pick up the medications. To make this easy for all men with ED issues, he decided to start Roman with his co-founders.   

Do We Recommend It?

Yes! Roman has some competition from other telemedicine start-ups such as Keeps and Hims. Still, they are offering a straightforward and flexible subscription. Some of the advantages of Roman:

  • Personalized FDA-approved prescription
  • Treatment plans from real doctors
  • Unlimited doctor visit
  • Free 2-day shipping
  • Different products for a variety of health condition
  • Affordable medications
  • Easy cancellation, all you have to do is go to your account and change your subscription

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